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Check out our new SYMPTOM CHECKER at the top of the page! Its free and easy to use - just click on and follow the guide and it will take you through a range of questions and let you know whether you need to seek our help. 

However, it is just a quick and easy guide - our sympathetic and experienced vets and nurse are here to help you 24/7 - so just call your local Champion Vets surgery if you are concerned. Out of normal hours you will be put straight through to an emergency nurse. 

REMEMBER - at Champion Vets we offer truly compassionate care, realising that your pet is RIGHT AT THE HEART OF YOUR FAMILY. Our surgeries are modern and our approach is always forward thinking, offering you a range of simple and sophisticated treatments according to the condition and your budget.

We care for dogs, cats rabbits, small furries and exotic species and offer a wide range of services from vaccinations, to neutering, dental work, non -routine soft-tissue and bone operations, and diagnostics such as x-rays, ultrasound and laboratory work. You can also join our highly acclaimed VALUVET PLAN, saving you 15% on all your future treatments and  medicines without exception. 

Please call or email the surgery closest to you if you have a concern about your pet,  or wish to book a consultation. You can also contact us directly from this site, which is monitored throughout the day.

Veterinary Surgery at

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Stephen Champion, Principal Vet


Neighbourly Disputes Between Cats

When cats become neighbours!

Neighbourly disputes in catsYou might not see it actually happen but you may hear it and you will certainly have to pay for it if a large weeping lump appears a few days later.

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Try our Symptom Checker!